creation of your website and opted for your domain name

After establishing your online service or product to make profit, the creation of your website and opted for your domain name; what is the next step?


Your next step is to select the best offshore hosting provider. However, the question is how to do it?


Although there are a wide variety of available hosting companies, it is a fact that all are not equally efficient.


Tips to select the most efficient hosting company:


        Determine your needs:


Firstly you have to determine what you require from the hosting company.


It can be that you will begin with a single website. However a lot of people will in the end have multiple websites.


Taking this into account, your best option will be to opt for a hosting company which permits their clients to have numerous domains on a server.


        cPanel features:


Through your cPanel you will be controlling your website from the “back office”.


Here you can control databases, forums setting up alternate e-mails, your mailing lists and much more.


Make sure you have a detailed cPanel included in your package!


Initially you may not really need a lot of features, but over a period of time as u get more experienced, you will use it. Then it will be good to have it available as to be without it!


        Unlimited bandwidth:


The best option is to have unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth describes the volume of information which can be downloaded or uploaded to as well as from your website.


It can fundamentally restrict the number of clientele visiting your website.


Some people may have a different opinion to this. However, it is a fact that should large numbers of customers visit your site; your bandwidth can run out.


In such a case the delivering of service will be terminated for the rest of that month or you will be charged excessive fees.


Therefore, our advice is to opt for a plan which provides unlimited bandwidth, which can prevent such an occurrence.




The price will always be a factor. Although anyone will be wanting the best service, there is no point to pay excessive fees!


It is true that the hosting industry is highly competitive, but with doing your research well, you will be able to find a good service at an affordable price!


        Technical support:


Although it is not too difficult to set up & maintain a website, it’s not a piece of pie either!


Ensure that the hosting company you had chosen offers excellent technical support, whilst including a community advice-forum is highly recommended.